TXLMC Presentations/References


Restorative Mediation (Brenda D. Pryor)

Restorative Mediation

GRIPE – How to Identify and Stop Complaints (Will Bowen)

GRIPE – How to Identify and Stop Complaints


Union History (Yvonne Flores) 

Union History


COVID Issues in Labor Arbitration (Rick Bales)

COVID-19 Issues in Arbitration Awards


How How Legal Technology and Artificial Intelligence are Transforming Union Negotiations (Jackie Schaefer)

How Legal Technology and AI are Transforming Union Negotiations


What’s Hot At the NLRB (Tim Watson)

What’s Hot At The NLRB


Organizing Your Case & Evidence and Cross-Examination (Diego Pena)

How to Organize & Prepare for Arbitration Hearings: Single Sheet Persuasion

Evidence and Cross Examination

John Adams Court Scene

My Cousin Vinny Scene